The industry around the manufacturing and selling of cars is one of the biggest and most reliable in the world. Each year, billions of dollars are made, due to the sale of some of the most in-demand brands in the world.

Even though cars have been a must in nearly every household that can afford it throughout the past few decades, there has never been a time that cars were as in demand as now. Especially when it comes to the car companies that sell the most suitable cars to suit the everyday lifestyle of most individuals.

Meaning the car brand designs a range of reliable options that sell all over the world in bulk.  Never before has the automobile industry been in such high demand and within just a few years, have multiplied and continued to increase every year. While this might not be as good for the earth, it most definitely is good for the pockets of the big guys upstairs, as well as the consumer that purchases the car.


To measure the most successful car companies in the world, one must measure each company’s profit, and while success isn’t only measured by profit, it’s an excellent place to start and even more so, allows the popularity of these brands to speak for themselves.

The Top Most Successful Car Brands in the World in 2018


You might know this brand very well since it’s been around for just over eight decades. The company started in 1937 with its headquarters in Aichi, Japan, which operates the business side, as well as the incredible design process that leads to the manufacturing of cars, car accessories and most famously. The Toyota truck range. The Toyota brand operates with a total of five different brands, which includes the brand itself, Lexus, Ranz Cooperation, Hino and Daihatsu. These joint brands manufacture and sells cars all across the world and sell over 170 countries and have an impressive total of 53 plants in various locations.

As the leading successful brand on the market, the brand banked a revenue of $249.83 billion and made a total sale of 1,69,85,870 automobiles. The company also has over 300 thousand employees scattered all over the world.