When is comes to fuel, one can often get confused as to what type you should choose for your car. Different types of fuel have different brand names and are appropriate for a specific variety of cars.

Petrol is available in four ‘flavour’s, which is known as 91, 95, 98 and E10, as well as E85. Many individuals don’t know the requirements of their cars and get confused as to which type they should fill up with. Filling your car up with the wrong fuel can make your car, in some cases, use fuel faster, as well as damage your engine.

Choosing the Right Petrol for Your Car

While you might not have heard about ‘91’ as a choice for petrol, you might be more familiar with unleaded, which is a more popular name for 91.

95 and 98 are both known as premium unleaded and E10, ethanol, which is a mixture of 90% petrol and 10% ethanol. The E10 is a perfect substitute for 91 in 2005 car models, up until now.


You also might find what type perfectly suits your car n the user manual of your car.

Using the wrong fuel for your car could be mechanically destructive. This is due to the index of the fuel’s resistance burning too fast or slow inside of your engine, which is also referred to as octane.

Generally, car companies design cars that have a lower octane rating. This allows for more safety of your car. One can possibly use 95 or 98 for an engine that is designed for 91, but one cannot use 91 again for either 95 or 98.

Comparing Different Types of Petrol

Generally speaking, E10 is considered to be a lot cheaper than 91, but then again, 91 can be found at every gas station. E10 tends to be far more impressive as it supports the sugarcane industry and is able to hamper fuel economy, but it’s not easily accessible, like other types of fuel.

91 is far more accessible and can also be used by a variety of many different cars and is also considered to be a common type of fuel in cars, especially for those that were built more than a decade ago.

95 is mostly used by smaller standard or turbo cars, has a great mid-range fuel performance, is a lot more expensive than 91, but is also, much like the E10, harder to find at gas stations.

98 is considered to be one of the best, or more favoured types of fuels. It will allow for ultimate performance, is an incredibly good option for performance cars and allows for incredible performance. It’s also a bit more expensive than the 95.

One can check the manual of your vehicle on what type of fuel is preferred for your car, consult with your car dealer, or even consult with a professional in car mechanics. One can also even contact the car company itself and ask for advice on your car model’s fuel type.