Ever wondered what makes some of the most luxurious cars, not just expensive but, really expensive? If you take some of the most expensive in the world, such as the Bugatti Veyron, or a whole range from Koenigsegg… What’s it about and is it essential to have a car that’s worth a million dollars or even a few?

Well, I can’t tell you, because who has a few million to spend on a car, right? It sure does look good.

But, how about cars that are more budget-friendly?

See, just because you have a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t still own the car of your dreams, or at least something a lot similar to it at about less than 10% of the original price.

Now, while we don’t promote you make that much credit, buying an exotic car at a reasonable price is more affordable than you think. It starts with a deposit of 10% and then continues with monthly instalment payments that could span up to 60 months.

4 Exotic Cars at a Low Price

  • Lotus Exige

As one of the most popular brands in the world, Lotus doesn’t disappoint with its lightweight bodywork, gold-infused design and reliability factor. This exotic car only costs $65,690 and can be bought at an instalment rate of $1,166. Now that’s a worthy investment…  And, it’s good looking too.

  • Porsche Panamera

As one of the most lucrative, exotic brands, we can’t leave Porsche out of the mix, can we? As an extremely reliable brand, a great design and a price of $74,400, the Porsche Panamera will get you anywhere you want to go, fast. With a low instalment rate of just $1,321, all you have to do now is choose your favourite colour.


  • Lotus Evora

Lotus knows what they’re doing when it comes to producing high-quality cars that are both easy on the eyes and with its price-tag. At a price of $73,500 and an instalment rate of $1,305 per month, the Lotus Evora is another fantastic version of the brands’ larger vision, which is quality at the best price.

  • Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper. The name’s so good that you had to read it twice. Just by reading its name, you’re probably not as familiar with this car brand as the rest on this list. Well, Dodge Viper is a brand known for creating that ultimate sportscar-look exotic car. What’s more is, you’ll feel like you’re driving somewhere in the 1950’s, except with added technology to glam it up. At $90,255 and a monthly payment of $1,603, this impressively looking car has an incredible horsepower rate and is considered to be a force of nature itself.


So, what will it be, red or blue?